Always Lookin

Altered State x Midnight Confession

Bred By: Clausen Showpigs
Owned With: Brattain, Kindschi

Heading to the 2023 STC we didn’t have buying a Landrace boar at the top of our priority list, but we are Always Lookin’ for the next piece of the puzzle! When the Clausen crew drove this one out in class and we saw that he was an outcross to all of the popular stuff out in the breed, our interest was peaked! Backed by a proven sow herd, Always Lookin’ offers the pieces so desperately needed in the Landrace world. From the side he paints an incredible picture being extremely long necked with a clean poll that carry’s down to a near perfect shoulder angle— something hard to do in any breed, let alone a down eared white one! When he turned directly at us he exemplified what a chest shot needs to look like. He is busted open at the base of his chest, yet brings squareness all the way to his big paws and strong pasterns. Heading directly away he is clean in his hock joint and perfectly square at the ground with excellent length of stride. Together we have incredible faith that Always Lookin’ is able to address a lot of the problems and make the next generation better. He will be seeing very heavy use between the three of us and we believe he offers unique genetic diversity without sacrificing quality for what it takes to win in 2024 and beyond.

Mix n Match Contracts Available. Check with us for details.