Better Yet x Seein Double (SGI)

*Mom was 5th Overall Ohio State Fair 2018*
Bred By: Sterling Showpigs

Big league 2022 STC Purchase! Tried to buy him as a baby, Seth said no. Bought him in Louisville and he was EVEN BETTER than I remembered! Absolutely love this one as I think he can MAKE HOGS BETTER!
-PERFECT hind leg
-EXTRA athletic
-GIANT chested
-FRESH backed
-KILLER looking
-ZERO Cruel!

Say what you want, but as a whole these pigs in todays show ring need to be bigger chested and longer hipped without sacrificing squareness, shape, bulk, and skull. Get in where you fit in and make your set in 2023 EVEN BETTER!

Full Price $250
Overrun $150

Mix n Match Contracts Available. Check with us for details.